Cell Counting Kit 8 price analysis

Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) is designed to detect cell number or cell prolifiration and toxicity without a solubilization process obtaining highly reproducible and accurate results. This kit is also compatible with high-throughput screening, thus reducing cost is one concern for researchers with large scale analysis.

Let’s take a look at 2017 Yr price of Cell Counting Kit-8 products in the market. Here we choose top 4 CCK-8 vendors as below for your quick review.

CCK-8 Supplier Price in 2017 Yr
Price of CCK-8 from Dojindo $42/100 Tests
$109/500 Tests
$188/1000 Tests
$397/3000 Tests
$1036/10000 Tests
Price of CCK-8 from Sigma (Now Millipore-Sigma)  $60.1/100 tests
$237.5/500 tests
$1190/3000 tests
Price of CCK-8 from Abbkine $20/100 tests
$64/500 tests
$205/2000 tests
$718/10000 tests
Price of CCK-8 from Abbkine $178/500 tests
$549/5*500 tests

Note: Each test is for one well of samples in 98 plates,which means 10 μl of CCK-8 solution for one test.

Donjindo is the well-known, which is also the fist supplier who launched CCK-8 products. They provide affordable price and good product quality with the most size option to researchers.

Sigma is another player in the marketing with great brand reputation and high quality, of course with the highest price. Due to aquisition of Sigma by Merck-Millipore, Merck-Millipore would suply this kit from 2016 in your region.

Abbkine’s CCK-8 featured the same quality of Donjindo while with more competitive price, which priced half compared with Dojindo, and 1/4 comapred with Sigma. Tests show that they perform the same result comparing to others.

In case of size option, both Donjindo and Abbkine provide more package sizes, especially in bulk 10000 tests. Also, special discount  of CCK-8 from Abbkine and Donjindo are available for larger bulk amounts larger than 10000 tests for these who process large scale development and production.